Create your own social news sharing and discussion platform and build your community around it

Linkwind is a simple link aggregation and discussion platform for communities & teams. It allows you to create your own custom news sharing platform so you and anyone in your community can share interesting links, ask for advice about anything and collect feedback. It's basically like Hacker-news for everyone.


Link and news sharing

Users can share useful and interesting links within your community and start a discussion.

Discussions and Comments

Anyone in your platform can write a comment to any post shared and others can reply to that comment as well. In this way users will start a discussion and engage on any kind of post.

Upvote & Downvote

If a user founds a useful post shared on the platform, he/she can show their appreciation by up-voting that post. Not every post may be welcomed by your community. If this is the case, users can react to that post by down-voting it. However, there are some limitations to down-vote a single post. Click here to learn more.

Have full control on who joins your community

Not everyone can join your community. You have full control of the signup process. Users can only be signed up to the platform if they are invited. You can send an invitation to anyone using the admin panel. The platform provides you an internal dashboard to do that.

Ask & Show

You can submit a question about any topic to the community and start collecting feedback. E.g. You just finished a project and you are desperately in the need of feedback? We have all been there. Just post your project to the community and collect all needed feedback so you can continue improving it.

Unique domain to your platform

Once you create your platform, you will get an unique subdomain automatically created for your platform. If you would like to use your own custom domain to access your platform, you can do that as well.

All you need to do is enter your user name, email address, and password. Your platform will be ready in flying seconds.